"Samurai Business" Book: Integrity is the most important source for sustainable success in our transparent digital century

The transparancy of the internet made integrity the most important source for sustainable success for any professional, however to withstand office politics and fierce competition professionals need to learn to balance integrity with assertiveness. "Samurai Business" offers thirteen Samurai principles to help you do exactly that, because Samurai warriors were successful in battle through continuous cultivation of body and mind.

“Samurai Business” inspires professionals to face politics without feeding them. The book helps to stay focused in an endless amount of stimuli and under any pressure: focused on self-development to the benefit of your environment, while being rewarded for your efforts. Apply the Samurai principles consistently and you may surprise yourself. Integrity is not naivety and kindness does not equal weakness. It is time to put the art back in the business and the Samurai back in the professional.

Language : English
Pages : 160, hardcover and full colour
ISBN : 978-0-929652-21-4
Publisher : Meghan Kiffer Press, USA

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(2 chapters and 13 Samurai Principles to build sustainable success)

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Thirteen Samurai Principles for sustainable success based on integrity

  • Dedicate yourself to a purpose beyond power, control or earning money.

  • Develop yourself to the benefit of the world around you.

  • If you encounter a problem: change it, accept it or leave it.

  • Stay connected to yourself and the environment under any kind of pressure.

  • Take a close view of distant things and a distant view of close things.

  • Balance careful planning with creative and flexible execution.

  • Don’t fight inevitable developments.

  • Be respectful, yet clear and sharp.

  • Reflect without judging.

  • Look fear in the eyes while doing what you think is right and necessary.

  • Inspire people and celebrate successes with gratitude, not arrogance.

  • Be helpful and generous, yet choose the people around you wisely.

  • Take care of yourself and those around you.

Shape your company culture to build sustainable value through integrity

Samurai Business aims to empower professionals to focus on true creation of value rather than politics and thereby become contributor both to their own sustainable success and that of the company. If you are CEO, Senior Management, a professional in Human Resources or any other leader, you can utilize Samurai Business by creating a tailored print. Write your own foreword in the book, communicating your vision of your company culture based on integrity and sustainable value, then hand it to your employees, clients and other relationships. It is possible to create a company branded version of Samurai Business from 500 books or more.

E-mail us at samuraibusinessbook@gmail.com to start communicating your desired company culture.

Joris Merks, Research Manager Google and European Champion Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: Why I wrote this book

The "Samurai Business" book is written by Joris Merks. Joris Merks is Research Manager for Google and also European Champion and Open German Champion in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He got elected Dialogue Marketer of the year 2012 by the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association for being an ambassador for businesses in building a pure dialogue with their consumers and clients. Joris practiced martial arts for twenty years and holds a black belt in Judo and Aikido. He wrote books on both marketing and martial arts. This book “Samurai Business” unites his experience in martial arts and business.

"Joris is a modest person and a powerful personality. He combines his vision with power of persuasion and vigor. He is a good listener. A worthy winner of the title Dialogue Marketer of the Year 2012."
(Jury report of the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Organization)

"I wrote this book because it was not an option not to write it. I spent twenty years of my life doing martial arts, but when I started my career I felt for the first time I was confronted with violence. I found the politics in the office tough and I noticed they particularly affect young and ambitious professionals, which is both bad for them and for the companies they work for. I often yearned back to my previous life as a fighter, which came to a sudden end due to serious injuries. Nowadays my fighting skills help me to cope with politics in my own unique way. I assess people the way I would assess opponents in a fight and I build strategies the way I would before competition.

When I look back now, it would have been a big help if someone could have guided me by teaching me how to work on my success using my own strengths and how to cope with politics. That way it would have been easier to focus on my development and take better care of myself, while building my career. I hope to offer this help now to others, by showing how to balance tactics with self-development in order to be both sustainably successful and happy.

The idea for writing this book came to me after giving a five minute inspirational speech on the Google global marketing meetup about fighting versus marketing. The room was so excited that my brain kept generating new analogies between business and fighting, even at night when I was trying to sleep. To save these ideas, I wrote them in e-mails to myself, resulting in a collection of 130 e-mails in nine months. The stories resonated strongly with a talented Dutch artist Thera Benjaminsen, who started creating beautiful paintings based on the stories I had written. We both worked a full year on the book. We wanted to make the book in every way feel like a piece of art."

If you are interested in the man behind the writer, his personal life and professional career, you can buy the book including a 1,5 hour audio interview at Damarque.

Watch the 5 minute inspirational speech, fighting versus marketing for the global Google marketing team below:

The Artwork by Thera Benjaminsen

Thera Benjaminsen is a Dutch art painter born in the early 1950s in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She painted a series of beautiful paintings for the Samurai Business book that give the book its' unique atmosphere, making it a true gift both in messaging and looks.

Before settling in The Netherlands, Thera travelled a lot. In the mid-1970s Thera and her daughter migrated to Italy, where she met her Norwegian husband-to-be. They married in Germany and moved to communist Russia. A year later, they moved to Iran where her second daughter was born. After experiencing a revolution and the first years of the Iran-Iraq war, Thera and her family settled in Oostvoorne, in the Netherlands in the early 1980s, where she still lives.

As an adult, Thera discovered a natural talent for drawing. In the mid-1990s, drawing became painting and soon after she developed her sculpting skills. In 2005, her passion for painting motivated her to further develop her skills in model painting courses at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. In doing so, she continued her quest in personal development, always working towards freedom of expression.

Her colorfully expressive and characteristic paintings have expanded into a large intriguing personal art collection.

x 19,95 Euro

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Free shipping inside The Netherlands, outside The Netherlands 5,95 euro shipping cost (for 1 book orders)

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I hope you like the book and the small previews shown on this website. You can find more of those on my Samurai Business Facebook page and Google plus page. Feel free to react on the stories and images and do share your own experiences as inspiration for others. I hope you will help me in living and sharing this message of success based on integrity, so we can all enjoy our work more and serve our clients to the best of our ability.

With respect,
Joris Merks

Research Manager Google and European Champion Brazilian Jiu-jitsu